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Oh My Lash Iconic 1 Pair
Oh My Lash Iconic 1 Pair

Oh My Lash Iconic 1 Pair

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To ensure the longevity of your lashes, each pair comes packaged in a reusable case, providing protection against damage. After each use, simply place the lashes back into the case, offering a safe and secure storage solution.

We are proud to say that all our lashes are crafted from high-quality 'FAUX MINK' material, reflecting our commitment to animal welfare and cruelty-free practices. Embrace the beauty of our lashes, knowing that they are both stunning and ethical.

Applying your lashes:1) Prep and clean your natural lashes.2) Carefully remove your lashes of choice from their case and keep safe to put lashes back in later.3) Align band with natural lash line and trim excess if needed.4) Apply a thin line of adhesive along band – wait 30 seconds for adhesive to set slightly.5) Apply the strip to your lash line and secure by pressing into place.Removing your Lashes:1) Gently remove your false lashes with an oil-based make up remover.2) Ensure all excess glue is removed from lashes.3) Carefully place lashes back into your reusable OH MY LASH case and enjoy them for up to 10 more uses.
Faux mink lashes.